360 Degree media for the Google Cardboard VR Viewer

If you own a Google Cardboard viewer then this webpage is for you. There are 360 degree still images made available from this webpage and there is a 360 degree YouTube video playlist available on the "HTI TUE" YouTube channel. These demos show students working in the Human-Technology Interaction laboratories.

What do you need to view the still images on your Cardboard viewer?

  • Install the Google Cardboard app on your smartphone. There are versions available for both Android and iPhone.
  • On your smartphone download our zipped 360 degree still image files by clicking/tapping this button:
  • Extract the zipped JPG files to the "Cardboard" folder on your smartphone.
  • Start the Cardboard app and select the tab "Mijn bibliotheek" ("My library").
  • Select the option "Cardboard demos".
  • Slide your smartphone inside the viewer and select the option "Photo sphere" by rotating your head until the cursor touches the "Photo sphere" icon. Instead of tapping you quickly slide the washer on the left hand side of the the viewer down and up.
  • The first still image will appear. Look arround and have fun. The next image will appear after sliding the washer down and up again. There are nine images available showing some students in various lab situations.

What do you need to view the 360 degree video play list on your Cardboard viewer?

  • Install the most recent version of the YouTube app on your smartphone.
  • Start the YouTube app and search for the "HTI TUE" channel.
  • Select and start the "HTI laboratories at TU/e" playlist.
  • You can also view the playlist without the viewer. Just adapt the orienatation of your phone and see what happens.
  • To have a more immersive experience you need the cardboard viewer. Tap on the cardboard viewer icon on the bottom right of the display. The image will now split in two images for both eyes. Now slide your smartphone inside the viewer, look arround and have fun!

Still images preview

You will need the Adobe Flash plugin for your browser to view the images below. Click on the image and drag to pan the viewing orientation.

Near the IPO-building at the TU/e campus.

UseLab: Dancing with a robot.

UseLab: Chatting with a robot.

Running a PsyLab experiment.

A participant performing a task inside a PsyLab cubicle.

Running a gaming experiment in the GameXPLab.

A virtual experience in the VirTUe lab.

A lighting experiment in the LightingLab

A colorful LightingLab.

YouTube playlist preview

Regretfully not all browsers support 360 degree YouTube video. If it is supported then you may click on the image and drag to pan the viewing orientation.

Various 360 degree videos showing the HTI laboratories in the IPO-building.